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The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds by Alex Trocchi
"Revolt is understandably unpopular. As soon as it defined it has provoked the measures for its confinement...We are concerned not with the coup detat (seizure of the state) of Trotsky and Lenin, but with the coup du monde (seizure of the world)..."

To Get Over the Wall, First We Have to Get to the Wall by Monsieur Dupont
"...communism is not a movement, or a question of organization, it is only a vague description of a possible way of life for humankind. Communism comes after revolution...Against the missionary and dishonest optimism of pro-revolutionaries, we posit a basic nihilism."

Finding the Strength to Love and Dream
"Progressive social movements do not simply produce statistics and narratives of oppression; rather the best ones do what great poetry always does: transport us to another place, compel us to relive horrors, and, more important, enable us to imagine a new society."

Do We Need Nature? by Derrick jensen
"I've got a civilization to bring down before it does anymore damage." Nobody writing within the mainstream is THIS provocative or radical. Check him out if you havent already.

The Wu Ming Foundation
Download the latest novel (Q) from this story teller's collective for free right here...

Free Media Camp Vienna by Konrad Becker
On June 27th a broad alliance of independent media activists and cultural organizations established a free media camp by illegally squatting land in downtown Vienna. Inspiring story...

The Nihilist Spasm Band
I had heard these folks play on college radio stations a bit back in the 1980s, but i had filed them away to the back of my brain. The other night while browsing for something to watch at Suspect Video and Culture, i happened upon a documentary about them. I took it home and put it on, trying to remmeber exactly what i was in store for. There is no way i could possibly describe the sound of this band. It is guaranteed to atomize small, annoying children who dare wander within listening range. The next time you stumble home from the living hell you call your job to find that the neighbour's kids have broken into your house and scrawled, "Britney Spears+Heroin=Your Wife's Hairy Armpits+Satan" in dayglos all over the side of your house again, just calmly grab your portable CD player, a NSB disc, aim and smile. This is the band that KK Null and Borbetomagus were trying to copy until they realized they were just puny humans and gave up. I think i love them.

Poetic Inhalation
A collaborative effort on the part of StarJewel Smith and Andrew Lundwall, poets par excellence and stuff. And, hey, all creatives are welcome to submit stuff, so why dontcha already? A beautiful site from two beautiful people.

Top 100 Corporate Criminals
Good to see somebody is watching the fucking scumbags.

Pedestrian Culture Through the Ages
"Walking in his mind became synonomous with freedom and freedom he sought after more than anything else...Miller showed the need for drifting to overcome our own self-evident truths."

Punk Hardcore and Politicizing the Psychedelic Experience by Christian Whittal
The psychedelic experience is over "there," sobriety is here." They create a rigid distinction between being sober and not-sober, thus giving more weight to the sober world.In the 50s, America needed the "other" of Communism to define itself against. In the 60s, counterculture expanded this language of power and control beyond the mere borders of a country. The psychedelic singularity was the "other" that made the entirety of the "sober world" politically meaningful and exchangeable long after boomers tired of turning on and became stock-brokers 'n' shit.

The Return of the Crisis from Against Sleep and Nightmare
By the time you read this, a crisis different from September 11th may well be foremost in people's minds...For us today all crises merge to one and we can see the form of Enron's collapse or the Iraq war within September 11th and vice versa.

The Violence of the Global by Jean Baudrillard
Who can defeat the global system? Certainly not the anti-globalization movement whose sole objective is to slow down global dregulation...Positive alternatives cannot defeat the dominant system, but singularities that are neither positive nor negative can. Singularities are not alternatives. They represent a different symbolic order. They do not abide by value judgments or political realities. They can be the best or the worst.

The AAA Touches Down in Toronto!
"Marching to the beat of our own decentralized drum-machine, on the evening of Saturday April 12th, in a large field somewhere on the fringes of Toronto, we in AAA Insurgent Cosmos decided to try a different tact in expressing our opposition to gravicapital's militarization of both our planet and our once-peaceful, open skies. We held an illegal, outdoor rave party..."

Screaming Babies, Angry Protestors
Nice lil diatribe exhorting people everywhere in the United States to take direct action against the things that piss them off--like war. After all, it's the American Way. Hip Mama? Oh yeah!

Nothing To Lose But Our Illusions an interiew with David Edwards
"In the past...we have been prisoners of tyrants and dictators, and consequently have needed to win our freedom in very concrete, physical terms. We now need to free ourselves not from a slave ship, a prison, or a concentration camp, but from many illusins fostered in our 'democratic' society."

Ubu Editions
Free small-press books online.

Revisiting the East..And Popping In At Marx's by Gilles Dauve
"Any economic definition of communism remains within the scope of the economy, ie. the separation of the production moments from the rest of life. Communism is not a society that would properly feed the hungry, nurse the sick, house the homeless, etc. It can't be based on the fulfillment of needs as they exist now or even as we might imagine them in the future. Communism does not produce enough for everyone and distribute it fairly among all. It is a world where people get into relationships and into acts that (among other things) result in them being able to feed, nurse, house...themselves. Communism is not a social organization. It is an activity. It is a human community."

Craig Rosebraugh on the Anti-War Struggle
"...never in US history has any anti-war or peace movement actually prevented or ceased a US military operation or war. And yet continuously, anti-war movements in the United States fall into the same mold of ineffective activism that stands absolutely no chance of threatening or challenging the power structure of the US government."

The Democracy Illusion: Noam Chomsky Interview
"Most of us believe we live in a basically free society. This is true to such an extent that the preceding sentence will strike many people as simply bizarre: what possible motive could anyone have for stating such a thing?...Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT says that though this seems for all the world like rational common sense, it is actually an illusion that dissolves to nothing under close scrutiny. We are free, but only to know certain facts, only to think certain ideas--power ensures that costly facts and costly ideas are removed to the margins of social discourse and beyond."

The Future Society by two members of the British Anarchist-Communist Federation
"...we must envisage and then choose to create a liberated global society beyond the obvious essentials on which all revolutionaries agree--no government, no money, no homophobia, sexism or racist bigotry--also realizing what this implies in positive and optimistic terms; this is to say "creative," "exciting," "fulfilling," both "communal," and "individual." It is surely almost impossible to visualize not only how we will live but what we will be like as people...A different society would produce a different type of humanity from the minute of birth. Today we have to try to visualize ourselves without the environmental and sociological features which fuck us up. We must imagine a society in which we are not too chicken-shit to learn how to fly."

You Make Plans--We Make History: Ecological Collapse, Science, The Anti-Globalization Movement and Reclaim the Streets
"The totalitarian nature of modern capitalism is not the monolithic authoritarian dictatorship as imagined half a century ago in the "Brave New World" and "1984" novels, but a morwe subtle regime ruled by a bewildering diversity of means penetrating more and more into areas of life previously uncolonised and uncommodified; in the realms of the geographical, sensory, emotional, genetic, etc."

An Alternative to War by Charles K. Fink
"Surely, Osama Bin Laden and other senior members of Al Qaeda should be held accountable for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in New York and Washington. But by the same token, shouldn't George W. Bush and other senior members of his administration--including two seasoned mass murderers, Dick Cheney and Colin Powell--be held accountable for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan? Or does killing innocents not count as murder when it is committed by an American president and his supporters--in a flurry of flag-waving, employing the most powerful military in the history of the world--against nameless, faceless, forgettable people in a foreign land?

Formulary For a New Urbanism by Ivan Chtcheglov
"This state of affairs, arising out of a struggle against poverty, has overshot its ultimate goal--the liberation of man from material cares--and become an obsessive image hanging over the present. Presented with the alternative of love or a garbage disposal unit, young people of all countries have chosen the garbage disposal unit. It has become essentialto bring about a complete spiritual transformation by bringing to light forgotten desires and by creating entirely new ones."

Das Bauhaus: Art and Construction
"Make Art Not War!"

This is a new and recent Canadian anti-war blog, which is "devoted to free and critical thought in these sinister times." Check it out!

Radio Alice--Free Radio
"The totalitarian society of capital lives on the monotonous repetition of the existant. It serves the owners, the cops, the judges...They make a life of shit the only model of life possible. But communism is young and beautiful."

Hans Bellmer's Dolls
Holy pervert, genius, Bellmer wished to construct "an artificial girl with anatomical possibilities...capable of recreating the heights of passion even to inventing new desires." These works were also an act of protest against the Nazi regime in Germany.

Apocalypse by William S. Burroughs and Keith Haring
"Success will write APOCALYPSE across the sky. The artist aims for a miracle. The painter wills his picture to move off the canvas with a separate life, movement outside of the picture, and one rent in the fabric is all it takes for pandemonium to sluice through."

Infinite Wheel Records
Dub dub dub.

Invisible Mass Records
Dub dub dub.

Tribute to John Fahey (aka Blind Joe Death)
Ive been so off the loop musically lately, i didnt even know that John Fahey had died. Blind Joe Death is gone. There will never be another like him in a music scene dominated by the Britneys and the thousand-and-one Creed knockoffs of this world. A true original...

Against Capitalist War/Against Capitalist Peace from Class War Toronto
"War is an expression of capitalist competition. In the drive to accumulate profits, secure markets, control resources and human labour, capitalists compete with one another on a global scale. Rather than being an anomaly in an otherwise peaceful system, warfare is an inherent and very normal aspect of capitalist competition. In fact, capitalism could not survive without war."

The Reproduction of Daily Life by Fredy Perlman
"Every time people perform an activity they have not themselves defined and do not control, every time they pay for goods they produce with money they received in exchange for their alienated activity, every time they passively admire the products of their own activity as alien objects procured by their money, they give new life to Capital and annihilate their own lives."

Torpor Vigil Industries
This site is for all you Torpor Vigilantes, Children of the Turbulation, Lucid Dreamers, Hunters of the Snark, Surrealists, Recordists, Deliriomantics, Mushroom Goddesses, Surfers of the Timewave, Cosmic Triggers, Neuralchemists, Shamans, Narchitects, Archaic Revivalists, Liberated Androids, Tantric Devas and Phillip K Dickheads. You know who you are. Enjoy.

Prism Escape Magazine
Cool French-English magazine, featuring interviews with people like Alexander Jadorowsky and Norman Spinrad.

The Abolition of Work by Bob Black
"No one should ever work. Work is the source of nearly all misery in the world. Almost any evil you'd care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working."

The Ecology of Magic by David Abram
"The traditional magician, i came to discern, commonly acts as an intermediary between the human collective and the larger ecological field, ensuring that there is an appropriate flow of nourishment, not just from the landscape to the human inhabitants, but from the human community back to the local earth."

Late Night Thoughts On Listening to Mahler's Ninth Symphony by Lewis Thomas
" I cannot listen to the last movement of the Mahler Ninth without the door-smashing intrusion of a huge new thought: death everywhere, the dying of everything, the end of humanity." Poignant essay on the topic of nuclear missles.

The Society For the Art of Imagination
"This world of imagination is the world of eternity; it is the divine blossom into which we shall go after the death of the vegetated body. This world of imagination is infinite and eternal..." -William Blake

Resisting Zombie Culture by Boris Karloff just have to read this one.

Autocracy in the Saddle by Alexander Berkman
"You should know that the interests of Labour are identical in all countries. Their cause is international. Then why should they slaughter each other?"

The Antihuman Truth of Mediocrity by Raoul Vaneigem
"To be rich nowadays merely means to possess a large number of poor objects."

The Space Industry: Supporting US Supremacy
"The US government is committed to achieving military supremacy in space and maintaining dominant market-share in the satellite industry for US corporations. The mission of space supremacy did not suddenly appear when President Bush took office in 2001. It evolved from infrastructures that were borrowed from intelligence and weapons networks and were developed over forty years as part of the cold war. After the cold war ended, the US sought a space-based, 24-hour reconnaisance network and the construction of a national missle defense (NMD) system to extend its economic might."

Nek Chand's Rock Garden
"Built of industrial waste and thrown away items, the Rock Garden in the city of Chandigarh is perhaps the world's most poignant and salient statement of the possibility of finding beauty in the unexpected and accidental." Special thanks to the mighty Dr. Menlo for this. Check him out at:

From Politics to Life: Ridding Anarchism of the Leftist Millstone by Wolfi Landstreicher
"Our dreams are much too large for the narrow confines of political schemes. It is long past time that we leave the left behind and go on our merry way toward the unknown of insurrection and the creation of full and self-determined lives."

Bass -The Final Frontier
"Bass-how low can you go?"

What Is Alienation by Lewis Feuer
"...younger philosophers, evidently restive with the received bureaucratized version of Marxism, are turning to the younger Marx, the philosopher of alienation, to express their own dissatisafction with the bureaucratized world."

A Different Kind of Democracy--An Interview With Revolutionary Optimist Martin Glaberman
"The human race, and the world in which we live, is in a desperate situation. Poverty and unemployment, racism, sexism, bigotry are endemic in the modern world. Two centuries of industrialization have wreaked havoc on the environment. People starve, not because there is no food, but because food is distributed only when it can make a profit. Even the wealthiest nations are ridden with debt. Corruption is common in politics and business. Disease, random violence and homelessness are eating the heart out of every major city on Earth. Work, for most people, continues to be drudgery, with fewer and fewer opportunities for creative initiative...The answer lies in ending the separation of economics and politics. It involves people taking control of their workplaces, their neighbourhoods, their communities--directly and without mediators."

Against Domestication by Jacques Camatte
"For a considerable time human beings have, strictly speaking, been outstripped by the movement of capital which they are no longer able to control."

The Dark Side of the Multitude by Bove and Empson
"Against this logic of limitation emerges a form of subjectivity that neither grounds itself on an alternative future nor judges itself by abstract and external standards of what is possible, but takes itself as its own ground of realisation and in doing so challenges and transforms obstacles that seek to contain and limit it."

The Poetry of Jayne Cortez
And if we don't fight if we don't resist if we don't organize and unify and get the power to control our own lives Then we will wear the exaggerated look of captivity the stylized look of submission the bizarre look of suicide the dehumanized look of fear and the decomposed look of repression forever and ever and ever And there it is -Jayne Cortez

The Black Flag on Bioimperialism
"For over five hundred years the natural resources and labour power of the Third World have been exploited by Western European colonialists and later by American and japanese capitalists. Now, there has been a quantum leap in the degree and form of this exploitation. This corporate piracy ahs now progressed from the external natural world to the interior of plants and animals and to their common genetic heritage."

Missionary Democracy and American Empire by Joe Lockard
"Democracy finds itself abused in the name of democracy."

Technotopia and the Death of Nature by James bell
"There is something missing from the discussion of the technological singularity, says James bell: the true cost of progress will mean the unprecedented decline of the planet's inhabitants--an ever-increasing rate of global extinction, some warn." Beware, this essay will keep you up at night, sleepless and worried.

On the Cultural Logic of Ambient Music by Neil Mullholland
The politics of ambient music? Read on...

The Next Environmental Movement
An interesting and provacative essay on the failure of the radical ecology movement in which the author calls for ecologists to move beyong single issue environmentalism to develop a more holistic analysis of the type of cultural transformation needed to save the environment from our rapacious and predatory consumer culture. Excellent stuff!

Does Oil Hinder Democracy? by Michael Ross
Oil and democracy do not go hand in hand. This is an intriguing article to say the least. By the way, i got it from the always excellent Wood's Lot (link below).

Interview with Michael Lerner
"I simply cannot understand how somebody can be a spiritual being and not be actively involved in transforming the world."

Armed Joy by Alfred Bonanno
"We are certain that communities of joy will emerge from our struggle here and now. And for the first time life will triumph over death." One of the most beautiful essays i have ever read. Essential and inspiring.

A Strategy to Roll Back Sprawl and Rebuild Civilization by Richard Register
" I maintain that the particular jump we need to make is from the haphazardly built community oblivious to ecology. It amounts to reshaping the city, town and village for pedestrians, not cars, not even transit."

Shock the Monkeys by Adam Engel
"Oh how pitiful you are with your newspapers published by HIM; your courts judged by HIM; writing letters to "your" representatives owned by HIM; distributing petitions for HIS perusal; demonstrating in parks according to rules and parameters set by HIM and under HIS license. I'd pity you, but you don't deserve it, nor do i, for iam one of you--curse my gray jelly soul!"

Beyond Democracy by Crimethinc
"Could it be that "democracy," long the catch-word of every revolution and resistance, is simply not democratic enough? What could be more democratic?"

Lessons From the Luddites by Kirkpatrick sale
"Wherever the neo-Luddites may be found, they are attempting to bear witness to the secret little truth that lies at the heart of the modern experience: Whatever its presumed benefits, of speed, or ease, or power, or wealth, industrial technology comes at a price, and in the contemporary world that price is ever rising and ever threatening."

Derrick Jensen on The Culture of Make-Believe
"...I want to bring everything down. One of the things i think we need to realize is that the whole government-corporate entity, the whole culture, has been a culture of occupation. The first thing we need to do is to recognize and fully internalize the seriousness of the situation."

The Electronic Revolution by William S. Burroughs
"That is what this revolution is all about. End of game. New games? There are no new games from here to eternity. END OF THE WAR GAME."

Social Centers in Italy
"Though it may be hard to imagine in America, in Italy, communists, anarchists, ravers, punks, hackers and artists have seized vast abandoned factories, forts, boarded-up schools and churches and transformed them into cinemas, concert halls, bars, squats and art galleries...Italy's social centers are among the country's most vital cultural institutions." Obviously i'd love to see something similar develop on this side of the pond. Wouldnt you?

Fighting the Capitalist War Machine
An entire page devoted to anarchist perspectives on the capitalist war machine. Wow!

From Capitalist Crisis to Proletarian Slavery
"Slavery is the primary and primordial relation of exploitation, that form out of which serfdom and wage labour arise, and that form toward which the master always strives: only force can compel the master to forego the use of slaves." In this stunning essay, the author outlines the various ways in which capital has striven to deprive the worldwide proletariat of its ability to resist the conditions of life determined by waged labour. Essential reading!

Self and Other by Allan Watts
"I think sometimes that the two symbols of our present kind of technological culture are the rocket ship and the bulldozer...But that kind of spirit of knocking the world around is omething that is causing serious danger here."

C-64 Tunez
So last night, i went to check out the Homeland Security show at Club 56 in Kensington Market. The Renegade Virus crew were up from NYC for this one, but some locals also wreaked sonic havoc. Among them was the mighty C-64. He was giving away copies of his CD for free, and when i got it home and put it on, i was totally and completely blown away! This is some of the most complex, densely layered and hard breakbeat music i have EVER heard. Check this guy out. You won't regret it. Spread the word and make him famous.

Renegade Virus
"The Renegade Virus is a group of visual artists, musicians and djs who organize free and inexpensive events throughout the New York City area...Events are usually held in out of the way places, such as warehouses, rooftops, public parts, art galleries, squats and lofts."

Red and Black Notes
"The spectre of communism still haunts capitalism, but capitalism has evolved. This evolution has not ameliorated the need for revolution, only the way workers respond to it...As against looking to such formal indicators as union membership, party votes or newspaper sales as indices of class struggle, rather look to strike figures, wildcats, sabotage and above all resistance to capitalism in all its forms." A fine local ultra-left communist journal.

Who Owns Outer Space?
"It is a truism that in current society you can have anything you want, as long as you can afford to pay the price. Everything is one big shop window on planet earth, and for those of us tired of shopping, withdrawal often seems like the best solution. But increasingly, even the avenues of escape are being auctioned off to the highest bidders."

Commons, Communities, and Movements
"...commons and communities are central to the "anti-globalization" movement, in particular to its anti-capitalist wing, although the term "commons" is not very current."

Lettrist Pages
Just a whole bunch of stuff on the Lettrist International.

New Babylon
"The question of knowing how one would live in a society that knows neither famine nor exploitation nor work, in a society in which, without exception, anyone could give free reign to his creativity--this troubling, fundamental question awakens in us the image of an environment radically different from any that has hitherto been known, from any that has been realized in the field of architecture or urbanism."

Confronting Empire by Arundhati Roy
"...many of us have dark moments of hopelessness and despair. We know that under the spreading canopy of the War Against Terrorism, the men in suits are hard at work."

Twelve These on Changing the World Without Taking Power
"We start from the scream, not from the word. Faced with the mutilation of human lives by capitalism, a scream of sadness, a scream of horror, a scream of anger, a scream of refusal: NO. Thought, to be true to the scream, must be negative. We do not want to understand the world, but to negate it." -John Holloway

The US War on Drugs: Political Economics of a New Slavery
"The US war on drugs is big business--a multi-billion dollar public/private venture that radically inflates the value of illegal drugs and is used to criminalize the poorest people of colour, trapping them in a vicious cycle of addiction, unemployment and incarceration." This essay makes the point that it would be a step toward real justice if the prison industrial complex were dismantled and reparation payments made to its victims.

Resisting the Neo-Liberal Discourse on Technology
"Totalitarianism is latent in technology. It was not merely Hitler or Mussolini who were totalitarian, or the Pharaohs as far as i'm concerned. Totalitarianism is already present in the technical object." -Paul Virilio

The Holy Fools
"Facing the transhistorical enemy of the state was a new opponent: the social movements. Deleuze and Guattari thought that the traditioal style of left-wing politics was now obsolete. As part of the 'guaranteed' sector of the economy, private and public sector workers not only had been bought off by the system, but also had their desires manipulated by the family, the media, the dominant language and psychoanalysis. Like much of the post-'68 New Left, the two philosophers looked to social movements of youth, feminists, ecologists, homosexuals and immigrants to 'deterritorialize' the power of the state. As part of the 'non-guaranteed' sector, people in these movements were excluded from the system and were therefore eager to fight for the revolution... For Deleuze and Guattari, the overthrow of political power was only the beginning of the anarcho-communist revolution. They believed that political domination was only made possible through personal repression. The anarcho-communist revolution therefore had to liberate the libidinal energies of people from all forms of social control. The individual 'delerium' of schizophrenics prefigured the chaotic spirit of collective liberation...In their 'schizo-politics,' the revolution would destroy bourgeois rationality so each individual could become a holy fool."

Wood's Lot
Zen, anarchy, art, photography, philosophical musings...a great lil blog. Always tunz of stuff to read.

Not Bored
Radical art damage up the wazoo.

It's about time i remembered to link to this page. The guy who does it is a really nice guy and a good buddy. There's tons of great stuff here. Send him as many nude pics and free drugs as possible just cuz.

Sensual Liberation Army
After browsing around this page, youre gonna want to go out and have lots and lots of yummy, gooey sex. That's a really good thing.

Radical Urban Theory
Ultimately it's in the streets where power will be dissolved, right? I dunno, either, but this page has plenty of interesting stuff to read.

The Commoner
This is the best site for writings from the ultra-left Marxist milieu in the English language.

An amazing French language ultra-left communist page with many online essays by Gilles Dauve. Great new look, too!

Getting Free
One of the most visionary essays i have read in a long while. Incredible! Read it and tell everyone you know about it.

Institute For Applied Autonomy
A technological research and development organization concerned with individual and collective self-determination, as well as developing technologies which serve social and human needs. Nice, really nice.

A Buddhas Memes
All your holovisionary wandering needs right here. Yup.

Jackie-O Motherfucker
Best band in the world is all.

Word From the Underground
For the emancipation of the human spirit. How can ya not love that? Great online magazine!

The Association of Autonomous Astronauts
Exploring community based space travel and exploration free of the fetters of state, corporate and military interests. Blast off, fellow space travellers cuz it's all here--sex in space, raves in space, visionary manifestos, three-sided football, the works!

Fringecore Magazine
This mag contains a leadoff interview with a member of the mighty Association of Autonomous Astronauts. Just diggit cuz...

Visionary and practical solutions for restoring the earth.

A Constitution for Cultural Revolution
Great online essay by a visionary modern thinker.

Work is still the central issue
A thought provoking essay, especially for radicals who focus most of their energies outside the workplace and the social factory in general.

Reclaim the Streets
The REAL revolutionary partay! Ultimately in it's in the streets where power will be dissolved.

Free Tekno Toronto
A federation of collectives here in Toronto devoted to throwing free/dirt cheap underground DIY parties. Support em just cuz.

The Vaults of Erowid
Drugs, sex, spirituality, art, music,'s all here.

David Sheens Homepage
Very nice personal page from Toronto's very own visionary Anarchitect.

Alex Gray
This guy's paintings are, like, awesome. Like wow!

Art Visionary Magazine
Stunning visual art magazine.

The William Blake Archive
Another poetic visionary genius type.

Eat theState
Politics with bite..and humour.

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
They've been kicking the asses of the ruling classes here in Ontario for over 10 years. Bosses, cops and scum landlords all cringe when they see OCAP coming. Ya gotta love them!

Witches Voice
THE site for witches and pagans in North America.

Killing King Abacus
Great insurrectionist anarchist site. Kill your boss, set the copshops on fire and burn everything down! Arrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Your guide to online anarchy.

Culture Change Magazine
For a sustainable future!

the Cacophony Society
Fun and interesting stuff. You know you wanna like them.

Planet Drum
For bioregional sustainability.

The Idiosyntactix Culture Jammers Encyclopedia
Brilliant stuff!

Hakim Bey's online writings
Just because he's a poetic visionary genius.

Great ultra-leftist writing, news and views. You have to dig this page!

Blue Honey
Servicing all your psychedelic needs. Capitalism bad, psychedelic drugs good. Yup!

The Church of Gnostic Luminism
So brain-damaged it's actually really good. No, really...

Sacred Space Institute
Some interesting alternative and radical ideas regarding human sexuality. Fuck everything? Ok!!!!!

For Communism
All the best writing and theory from the communist ultra-left. I highly recommend the sections containing essays by Gilles Dauve/Jean Barrot and Jacques Camatte. Enjoy!

the North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists
An attempt to organize anarchists in the North Eastern part of the United States and Canada. Join as an individual supporter or as a collective.